2016 Apolo Health, S.A.P.I. de C.V.

Blvd. Antonio L. Rodriguez 1888

Santa María

Monterrey, NL

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Our company seeks to solve two of the biggest problems in Mexicos's  healthcare system. 


- Create a "user model" system rather than a "patient model"

 - Healthcare systems des-articulation.  

We believe that through the creation of new business models and patient engagement strategies, baed in "design-thinking" and user-friendly technological solutions, implementing the correct market, comercial and business strategies and supported on digital solutions, we can re-design the bridges that would allow us to evolve to a patient centric healthcare system. 

We aim to face two of healthcare's biggest problems. 

New market attraction

Today, healthcare systems are focused on caring for the sick population in a reactive approach. We want healthcare providers to continue to care for sick patients but also, to focus on helping healthy population stay healthy. 


This shift, implies to change healthcare providers entire business model. 

Healthcare ecosystem creation

In Mexico and around the world, health care system are fragmented .Our solution seeks to resolve this problem, by creating healthcare micro-ecosystems. Where a patient can find and integral offer of health care services under one roof. A one stop shop for healthcare. 

Fragmented Healthcare Ecosystem

Health Micro-Ecosystem

Why we are good at it

Apolo Health was built around an experienced multidisciplinary team that works with both private and public sector in a search to understand health care's best value offer both for the population and health care providers. 

Apolo Health, also helps it's clients, health care providers to conceptualize and implement new business models and health services which can lead the health care sector transformation.